Take my heart

but please don't break it.

This is where little tid-bits about who Herz is and what makes him tick go. It'll probably be filled with Memes in no time. Feel free to comment, ijdk what you would want to say XD

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How's My Driving?

How's Herz doing, guys? He staying IC? He going over board? He heading in a weird direction, losing your interest, not posting enough? Don't hold back, now! I want to play him the best I can, but I need your help to keep me in line, here.

Anon is on, IP tracking is off and all comments are screened. Have at me. Edit: I AM NO LONGER A LIAR. ANON IS NOW DEFINITELY ON AND IP TRACKING IS NOW DEFINITELY OFF. orz
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50.) Audio//Open Comment log
Welcome, uhm, all--a-all new arrivals to the Elegante. My name's Herz, I-I'm, uhm, I-I-I'm one of the passengers who cook down at Sergei's. The food's free, we--w-we're almost always open, and if you like to, uh, to make food or tend bars i-i-in your free time, we can always use the help. And, y'know, the--uh, the company.

I...well, I--I actually have a request? Some of--o-of you may not know this, but there's...well, there's graves on deck 13. They're--they're not safe. I'd like--I-I think we'd all like to, uh, to-to be rid of them.

So...I was, uh, I-I was thinking we should--s-should try to, uh, to fill them.

We could use the luggage on--o-on deck 12, y'know? Empty the, uh, the--the...bags and, uhm, bring them down to deck 13 and toss them in. It'll go quicker the more people we-w--we have and, a-and it'll  be safer, too. If someone in--i-in the group finds their grave, they can--c-can be kept from it, y'know?

...So...yeah, I-I'll, uhm--I-I'll be on 12? I guess.

[Should you simply head on over, you'll find the Kansan already hard at work, emptying luggage and separating the containers and contents into little piles.]

((ooc: The graves will only stay filled for an hour, after that they'll respawn empty. They're fighting a losing battle, but hell if Herz knows it.


49.) Audio
Someone wanna, uhm, w-wanna--w-wanna join me on a trip down to Sergei's? 

See if--i-if 10 is normal again?

Dinner's on me if--if it is. Thank you, everyone who helped. And--a-and, y'know, fuck the captain. You guys did great. 

Edit: Sergei seems to be safe. I'm starting on dinner--you're welcome to join me in--i-in the kitchen, or get a drink from Remy at the bar. If you like cooking, you're welcome to, y'know, to--to use the facilities, too. And--a-and if you don't, uhm, don't know where Sergei's is, it's on decks nine and ten.

We're back in business.

48.) Audio//AC


[Christ, right in the eye. Give him a sec, here.]


Hi, still--s-still here.

Just...a--a forced hello, I--I guess, nothing...important...

[He's about to end the transmission and go back to actively secluding himself, then thinks better of it.]

...wait, about a roll call? Who...w-who's here? New or otherwise? How are--h-how's everyone doing? It's...I-it's passed the weekend, we got new people, right? 

It--i-it's almost been a year for me, maybe I can--maybe--maybe I can fill you in.

47.) Audio
o-oh god
[Herz sounds like he's doing his best to stay calm. Is it working? Ehhh...Not too much.]

I-I don't...I-I don't want to--to add to the chaos, but...

I-I think there may--there--th-there may be one more thing to, uh, t-to worry about.

...I star--I--I started seeing things. Here. In--i-in my room. First, uh, it...i-it was just...shadows. Smoke. O-Out the corner of my eye. Now it's...uhm, they've become a--a-a lot...clearer. They've started...talking, I--I-I can't--I can't make it out, but, it's not--

I-I don't think I--I'm going crazy. I'm not--I-I'm--I'm not making this up.

...a--a-and it's not just that. I got...I...

I-I don't...

I don't r-remember...some things I--I know...I should re-emember. Some stuff from--f-fr-from when I--I was--when I was a kid, some more recent stuff...

It's just--it--i-it's gone.

I--I haven't been doing anything! Not--I-I haven't done

...I-I sit and--a-and, y'know, I read. it the books? Is it the--the books, now? 

Is anyone else...forgetting? Seeing things? 

((ooc: tags may be slow))

46.) Audio
Am--a--am I making it up when I--I-I say I remember crew spe-ewing suh--some bullshit about it being part of--o-of--of their job to protect us passengers?!

I know they've a--a-always done a pretty ssshitty job, but--

You wanna ex--explain this to me?! Kage?! Are you even still here?! Are you uh-under--un-un-under orders from Redd to let people die trying tuh--t-to do your job


Or--at--a-at least...explain to us what--w-what's going on! Deck Ten looks like suh-s-something out of--of--of Dawn of--of the Dead! I'm not--I-I'm not working there. By the way. I--I-I'll be--I'll--I'll be sticking on nine, thank you.

Jus'...d-dear Christ, wha--w-wha--what the hell

Edit: It--i-it's a good idea to--to stay off Ten. Okay guys? Just--jj-just stay off it. And stay away from--f-from mirrors. They're infected.

Edit 2: Don't. attack. Jennifer.

((ooc: fff insomnia))

45.) Audio
yeah--I know
I--I know it's not, uh--not much, but...

I-I know I'm...having...trouble sleeping. Because--

[Well, you can hear why when he pauses. There she is, Jenny, sobbing and pleading and breaking his heart.]

Well, we--we all know.

Anyways, uhm--I--I grabbed about a whole lotta tape players and CD players and--a-and boom-boxes from down stairs, and, uhm, they're here in--i-in Sergei's. If...i-if you think they'd help you...

You know, I--I thought they'd, like, th-they'd help...drown her out.

There's also CDs and tapes, uhm, here, but...I-I--I just grabbed...whatever.

I hope it helps.

It--i-it'll pass eventually, guys.

44.) Audio
yeah--I know
Ss-so, uhm...


What...uhm. What--wh-what makes a person brave? In, I-I mean, in--in your opinion.

[Shut up, Leo.]

43.) Audio//Comment log
/scratches cheek
 So, uh, just so--just--just so everyone knows, Zeke and I are, uh, are--are both manning Sergei's kitchen again. 

Well, with--with help from Gideon, too, I-I guess. 

It's a good place to, uh, t-to come and hang out. You can talk to--t-to Remy at the bar while he fixes you a--a-a drink or--or, uh, listen to Gideon and Kate play in the evening or--o-or let us make you a nice meal--

Or help us muh-m-make a meal. We like--we--we like company in our kitchen, too. 


So yeah. Uhhh...Sergei's Bar and Grille. Decks nine and--a-and ten.

are you guys sick of--o-of--of me saying this all the time? I'm sorry. 

[Well...maybe that'll entice some company. As long as at least one other person comes in, Herz'll be able to prank 'em. It's harmless fun; a stick of deodorant filled with white chocolate to nom on in the presence of another is considerably tame for April Fool's.

42.) Audio
[Saying Herz sounds 'a little frantic' could possibly be an understatement.]

Don? How--h-how are you? I just--I hadn't--

I-I--I wasn't--I was keeping off Ship-Net to--

I--I-I don't know. I--I didn't know. Y'know. What happened. Until, like--Jesus, a---a-a few minutes ago? You're okay, now, right? 

Can--c-can--can--can I get you anything? 

I'm sorry! 

[He's about to leave it at that...but other people would hear this besides Donny, and it's true he's been worrying his friends...]

Uhm, well--also, uh, I'm--I'm sorry a--a-about my last, uh, my--my last post. I'm doing better. I didn't mean to-t--to, y'know, worry you guys. Thank you all, for...being so sweet.

I know it was...I-It--i-it was really rude of me, just, y'know, putting that up and not explaining anything. I know it--i-it didn't help.

The thing is I--I-I was...uhm...hav--h-having nightmares. It was keeping me fff-ff-f-from slee-eeping. Scaring me from sleeping more like...

But, uhm...I-I'm better now? Like I said.


41.) Closed Comment Log(s)
[It's good to finally get some sleep, but Herz doesn't feel completely ready to throw himself back into the social workings of the ship. He's avoiding his comm in favor of working on Ruth and immersing himself into some heavy reading. His room had to get stiffing eventually, though, so not long after the sun's set, Herz is out on the top deck with a book in hand. He's half hoping it will stay deserted, but...well, no man is an island.]
((ooc: Closed to Roy and Remy))

40.) Text
yeah--I know
This is Herz.

Not feeling too well; i wont be in sergei's for a while. dont blow it up while im gone, okay Zeke? 

Fourth Wall Day

Welcome to--t-to the Elegante, uh.

Sergei's is--is--i-is actually getting kind of full...

All the--the bars on the ship are free. There, uh, there's one in the casino, too?


39.) Audio//Backdated to some reasonable time Wednesday
yeah--I know
[A few of Herz's friends may have noticed he's been absent from Sergei's since the age-change ended. Truth is, as a teenager, the Kansan is having a slightly harder time coming to grips with the fact his boyfriend tried to kill him. As such, the kid sounds a little down. Not terribly so, just noticeably in need of cheering up.]

Now, uh, now that...everyone's back to--t-to normal? Does...anyone wanna watch a-a--a'couple movies? With me? I know we, uh, we talked about it, Rochelle...

I'll be, uh, be bringing the popcorn?

Uhhhh, anyway, for...f-f-for all the new people, my name's Herz. I--I-I work at Sergei's on decks nine and ten; we're alway-ays open. Foods always free. Zeke and I, uh, we--we love seeing new faces. And, y'know, we'll make just...whatever. We don't mind challenges.

[Herz pauses, perhaps thinking on what he has to say.]

...Lorne, uhm...i-if you're still with us, I...I-I'd really like to-t-to see you, buddy.


Thank you. I'd, uh, I'd like to--to make it you. Make up for, uhm, well...a lotta stuff.


((ooc: The current movie line up is The Mighty Ducks, The Sandlot, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Because no movie marathon should be without some Indy. Titles will change as characters suggest them.))

38.) Closed Comment Log
[Fifty-year-olds cannot stay up as late as eighteen-year-olds. Herz found this out Friday night and since had been keeping some more reasonable hours. No more getting up at seven pm and staying up through to noon the next day. Nope, for the first time in a while, Herz is manning Sergei's at all the 'normal people' times.

Kinda have to when your cooking buddy is currently, like...eight?

Speaking of the children-who-used-to-be-teens, Herz is entertaining two very adorable little turtle tots; Mikey and Don. And what do you do when there is children in your kitchen?

You put them to work, of course!

So, what do you guys like to eat best?

37.) Audio and Open Commentlog//AGE EVENT
Sergei's is finally back in order after that sudden jolt a while ago. I mean, I--I came in to start dinner, and it was such a mess. 

[It's Herz, alright, if noticeably older. He's seemed to have formed a bit of a whistle--a bit of a slur.]

I have to, uhm, step out for a bit, though. Shouldn't be long. 


Please, no 'old man Hessian' cracks? 

((ooc: Herz has gone out in search of reading glasses because he is now horribly far-sighted. Also; young!Jeff Bridges has been who I heard Herz sounding like, so it only made sense to keep the 'va' for Older!Herz.))

36.) Audio
/scratches cheek
[Herz has never been good at hiding his emotions. He's a little more frazzled than usual, and that he's hoping you really, reeeally won't notice.]

Uh, W--Welcome, new--new passengers. I-I-I just, uh, wanna let you guys know there's a--the--there's a passenger run restaurant on decks nine and ten called Sergei's Bar and Grille. Feel free to stop by, uhm, when-w-whenever, there's usually someone down there to--to, y'know, take your order. If you, y'know, like--l-like to cook yourself, you're welcome to, uh, join us, too. It's a big kitchen and--and uhm...

Also, and-a-and this is for older--or, well, passengers who've, y'know, been--b-been around a while, there's a lotta...we--we've got a lotta food up here that's pre-made? So...well, I-I guess I'm saying it won't be as fast as the--as--as the buffets, but you don't have to wait for us to make a meal from scratch.


Unless you--un-unless you want us to. Which we'd--which--which we'd love to, I mean, that's...why we do this.


Oh, uh, my--m-my name's Herz. I...I-I forgot to say that.

[See? Everything's fine.]
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35.) Audio//Backdated to before Midday, Feb 15
Keats? I--I've gotta ask you something.

[He couldn't find him during the party--he should've thought of looking harder--and he has to ask him. There's no way he can put this off any longer.]

Can I meet you somewhere?

34.) Open Commentlog
[Welp, it's a day before Valentines, Herz is still boyfriendless feeling depressed by reality in general. He really wants a significant other, just doesn't have the coconuts to go after the guy who might fit the bill. And, it doesn't help that the captain has 'blessed' him with little...air...heart...things. They just kinda add insult to injury, you know? Buuuuut he's got chocolates to hand out, so to curb his poor mood, he's just gonna do it today.

So, after...snuggling the dog plush that appeared in his room, nuzzling into its stomach and just generally using it as a pillow, Herz is roaming the ship, looking for his friends.

All of his friends. And...probably anyone else he runs into. Hell, he made more than enough chocolates to go around.

Yeah, this is going to be awesome.

In his hand is a grocery bag filled with his valentines; hand made chocolates lovingly wrapped in pink foil, sorted out in clear, plastic sandwich bags. Inside, nestled with the chocolates, are heart shaped cards that read "I'm glad you're here, <3". All of the valentines are identical, except for four special ones for four special people. Remy, Zeke, Sal and Keats, your chocolates are special, and so are your cards.

Valentines HOOOO!

33.) Audio
[Holy crap, after weeks of picking through deck 12...he's finally found the motherload.]

Who wants to--t-to play baseball?


32.) Audio
/bites lip
[It's taken several tries an a lot of confidence to make this post. Someone should be proud.]

Kage, I speak to you? 


[No beating around the bush, no attempts at hiding motives; something's gotta be wrong.]

[Open Comment log]
 [Did anyone else know it was so close to valentines day. 

Well, it felt close to Herz, but he always viewed holidays in the pretense. Or...he had back home. When time was important and measured and not a blur of random events, preparation for holidays was super important. Easter, Christmas, even Halloween was on everyone's minds at the beginning of their month, if not early into the one before. 

He'd just happened to check the calender today. Less than twenty days to go. 

Less than twenty is close, okay? 

So, what's the point of all this? Well, with Valentines closing in, Herz is starting on the chocolates. The smell wafting out of Sergei's kitchens should be inviting to most anyone, but he's not so devoted that he won't be up to his usual duties of head cook-for-hire.

31.) Audio
[Herz sounds tired and just a hint depressed. At the beginning of this post, he's trying to hide it, but the longer he speaks, the more it leaks into his voice.]

Welcome, uhm, new passengers. My name's Herz. If--if I haven't told you personally yet or...if you haven't heard from--from my friends Zeke or Remy or, I dunno, someone else, you're all welcome at Sergei's Bar and--a-and Grille, decks nine and ten. The three of us, we, uhm, we run the kitchens and the bar ourselves and we all take requests. Whatever you want, most any ol' time. Please, uhm, please drop by.


For, uhm...those who've been around a lil' longer...

Anyone, uhm, re--remember Shilo? She disappeared a while back. Zeke, you, uh, you knew her. Jak, you too. When, you know...

Uhm. Well.

I dunno. I dunno, I-I started thinking about her last night and...haven't been able to--t-to stop since.

I miss her. I'd...I'd rather miss her than forget her. I hope she shows up a-a--again or, uhm, or maybe she'll be at the Shore.

...That's probably the worst part a-a--about this place. Making friends only to...wake up one day and--a-a-and they're just not...there anymore. Jus'...poof.

I'm sorry. I--I-I swear, I'm not--I'm not usually this depressing

[A pause, considering if there's anything more he wants to say. There's not. Another second to decide if it's worth posting. Yeah. Yeah it is.]

((ooc: a few new icons. The rest should be trickling in soon enough. So far, just bringing you the emo ones. Please jus' pretend his hair has always been wavy, lol))

30.) Audio
Hey, uh, Kage?

[First time calling him up personally on the comms, but...kid's gotta grow a pair sometime.]

I, uh, I made Jalaj for a new passenger and, uhm, I've got left overs...?

I didn't, uhm, I-I didn't know if you'd want any?

29.) Audio
/scratches cheek

This--this probably won't be a...very...popular opinion, but...

I'm starting to-to miss school. Not, y'know, just the--the school I was going to--which was really cool!--but school in--in-in general. I mean, I can--can look up stuff in the library whenever I want which is cool, but...b-but I dunno, I miss having a teacher.

[He pauses, not sure where it is he's going with this. Deciding he's said what he wanted to, he changes subjects and tone. Instead of conversational, he tries to sound welcoming.]

Anyway, uhm, we--we got the next batch of-of-of new people, huh? Hi, guys. My-my name's Herz. If you're ever, you know, hungry, there's a restaurant on decks nine and ten called Sergei's Bar and Grille. I work there, with, uhm, a--a-a-a few other passengers. We make what you guys want and while you wait for--f-for your food, we can talk or whatever. It's kinda hard adjusting to this place at first, but friends help, y'know. A-And I've been around long enough, I can--I-I can give a bit of advice.

...Yeah. So don't, don't be strangers.

28.) Closed Comment Log
[After a wonderful Christmas--really--Herz is putting himself in an even better mood--because he's already in a GREAT mood, honest--by blaring Beatles out of the kitchen while he cleans all the dishes left over from their huuuuge meal. By hand.

This is what he does with his free time, folks.

He's also singing along to Boys loud enough to be heard out in the dining area. Last time he checked, no one was around to hear him, so you know what? Slightly-tone death baritone for the boat.

((ooc: for Lorne Only, sorry guys.))

/bites lip
I-I hope this--this isn't too late, but, uh, I-I-I have a--a-a request. Could I have a TV for Sergei's? With a--with--with a DVD player? Please? I, uhm, I-I'd like to put on some movies for--for--for Christmas.

[Like Die Hard. No, For serious, He wants to play Die Hard.

No, look, it happens on Christmas, it's totally a Christmas movie.

Also, uhm, there'll be food here all day, uh, for--for the holiday.


I-I mean, there--there's always food, uh, here, but--but--but festive food. I-It's also a really warm place, uhm, a--a-and there's no flurries here. Please feel free to-to drop--to drop by. It's Sergei's Bar and Grille on Deck 10. We're almost always open and--and I plan on--on being here all day, uhm, today.

[ooc: For the next 48 hours, Christmas specials will be playing in Sergei's. Starting with Die Hard. The only movie that Herz REFUSES to play is Grimlin's. He'd rather play the Star Wars Christmas Special than Grimlin's okay? It scares him more than a bunch of Wookies watching cooking shows on Life Day.

Presents list!

Mimmi, Zelda, Sulphur, Mikaela, Lily, and Odette each get a lil' box of chocolates Herz made himself! All the cards attached say 'I'm glad you're here, Love Herz.'

Christopher Johnson gets a journal and a well of ink. The first page says 'its good to keep your notes tidy, I'd be honored if you used this to do that. I'm glad you're here, Love Herz.'

Ashelin gets a DVD of Kill Bill, vol. 1 and 2. Herz has never watched it, but he thinks she'd enjoy it from what he's heard. The note on the outside says 'I'm glad you're here. Your friend, Herz.'

Oleg gets a DVD of 'The Sandlot'. It's about baseball and kids--he'll like that, right? His card says 'I'm glad you're here, your friend Herz.'

Zeke gets a Santa plushie and a DVD of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964). The card taped to the front reads 'Sorry I didn't believe you. Merry Christmas. I'm so glad you're here. Love Herz.'

Jere gets a couple of comfy looking shirts in a bag. One of the shirts does indeed have a fish on it. Herz couldn't resist. Written on the outside of the bag is 'I hope these fit. I'm glad you're here. Your friend, Herz.'

Iron Hide gets a very formal letter of apology for Herz's public drunkenness that ends with Herz asking what he would like for Christmas.

North and Sal get gloves, hats and scarves. Inside North's hat is a note that says 'I'm glad you're here; hope to see you in the board room soon. Love Herz'. In Sal's, there's a note saying 'So glad you're here. Love, your best friend.' Taped to the note are two condoms.

Jak gets a book about motorcycles! It's mostly pretty pictures. The card taped to the inside says 'I'm glad you're here; can't wait to race again. Herz.'

Remy gets a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps and a journal with a really cool pen taped to it. The first page says 'It helps me to write and never, ever show it to anyone. Maybe it'll help you. If you don't want to write about yourself, maybe write about Superman. Love, Herz.'

Keats gets a DVD of 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' and a copy of House of Leaves. The note taped to the latter says 'I hope you like it; I'm glad you're here. Your friend, Herz.'

The Major gets an IOU. He couldn't think of a damn thing that wouldn't either a) disinterest her or b) insult her. He's swallowed his pride and asked for suggestions.

Kage gets a little notebook filled with poetry Herz has copied from the library. Tucked inside is a diamond bracelet. The first page reads 'These remind me of you. I'm glad I'm here. Herz."

/bites lip
Not--not to, uhm...

Well, this--...I-I'm not doing this, uhm, mean--mean spiritedly. There--th-there's just some...

Okay. So. May-maybe you heard it, maybe you-you--you didn't, but Zeke ha-ad something to say about Christmas a-a-and Santa Claus and...

A-and--an-and I have something to-to-to add.


O-Ol--Oleg, uhm, don't...listen to the rest of this post. Santa's awesome.

[There's a pause, and perhaps a rustle of paper. Herz coughs, then clears his throat.]


hopefully Oleg isn't listening...Collapse )


I just--I-I just got some gloves and a scarf and--and a winter coat from Deck 12...


Ther--there's a room here filled with snow.

It--It is so cool.

[He's very proud of that lead in.]

On deck 9, you--you take the middle sta-airs and it's in between the Black Pearl and thhuh-uh Rebusto. Just take the--the middle stairs, uhm


Turn, uh, turn away from the Black Pearl and there'll be, uh, a girls bathroom? Then head down that hallway and there's a Board room. It's, like--it's-it's literally across from the ladies' room. Its unlocked.

There's snowmen and--and it's awesome and--

We need to have a--a-a snowball fight. Sal, I am looking at you! I-I dunno if--if--if we played in the snow over the winter, but I-I have--haven't gotten to show you my arm--well, personally--so--so--you know, you know, let's do it.

Anyone! I-I'll even show you where I found my snow gear!

[He's a kid on Christmas--oh, and isn't that comiing up soon?]

((ooc: if you've ever had a friendly conversation with Herz and you DON'T come down to lob a snowball at his head, he will take it personally and be saddened for it. So do your friendly duty and try shoving a bunch of frozen ice down his shirt, damn you!))

24.) Forward Dated to Friday
yeah well you suck
[Herz sounds angry and his words are slightly slurred. Could it be he is intoxicated?]



Is there any other gay men on this--on this boat?

Not to pry or anything but


A guy's gotta--gotta wonder.

One out of ten people or something is gay or something so, yeah, statistically.



((ooc: I'm gonna be gone most of the weekend, but I'm craving to do this and to RP before I fly home for turkey and pumpkin pie I can't eat. Please excuse the spamming, guys D8))

I--I keep forgetting to who I tell, who knows, that--that kind of thing, but, uh.

On Deck 10, there's a restaurant called Sergei's Bar and--and Grill. My name is--is Herz, and I work there, with Zeke and Remy a-and if--if you're new and hungry and look-looking for friends, information, uh, booze? Stop on by. We don't--we don't turn anyone away--

[Unless you're Erol, or something.]

And--an-a-and we love company. We're not crew, we're--we're just people who like to feed other pee--people. Or serve them drinks, in, uh--in Rem's case.

A-and, uhm, I mean, the kitchen's pretty big. If you like to--if--if you like to cook or love to cook and--and want to cook? You can, y-you can totally give our kitchen a try.

...Yeah, uh...Guess that's it.

That's your service announcement for the day.

This is Herz, uh, signing--signing off.

22.) Audio//Pig Latin
/bites lip
Okayway itway--it'sway eallyray uncoolway isthay olewhay--

Ouyay owknay atwhay, Iway--Iway eallyray on'tday owknay atwhay itway--itway isway utbay--utbay everway incesay Iway utpay onway isthay uhmay-askmay I'veway--ellway, andomlyray, I'llway ustjay --ouyay owknay I'llway ebay oingday ymay ingthay.

Andway aterway etsgay umpedday onway emay.

Ometimessay Iway--I'mway evenway ustjay, ouyay owknay, ustjay-- ustjay aloneway. Ompletelycay aloneway.

Iway unnoday.

Atway eastlay eway--eway otgay andycay. Appyhay Alloweenhay Iway -Iway--Iway uessgay?

((ooc: Herz ate the taffy! He's stuck speaking and understanding Pig Latin. Unless someone else is cursed with the same taffy change, he has no clue what the hell you'll say to him. Replies will be spurattic.

Translation for OOC/people who would be able to translate redonkulous amounts of pig latin; okay it--it's really uncool this whole--

You know what, I--I really don't know what it--it is but--but ever since I put on this muh-mask I've--well, randomly, I'll just--you know I'll be doing my thing.

And water gets dumped on me.

Sometimes I--I'm even just, you know, just--just alone. Completely alone.

I dunno.

At least we--we got candy. Happy Halloween I-I--I guess?))

21.) Audio
Ho--Holy crap, I just realized tomorrow's my birthday.

20.) Audio
Hey, uh--

If you're new here, my name's Herz! This is--is for everyone, so--so please listen? 

So, uh, yesterday I was--I was very lucky. One of my--well, okay, my--my only friend from home, Sal, showed up on--on the boat. I'm so--I'm very glad to have him. Now, uh, the--one of the great things about the boat is how many friends you ca-an get. I'm really lucky, I have a lot of--o-of friends. I'd like, uhm, my friends to--to be friends with--

[Yeah, he's realizing how forced and corny this is sounding. Let's...attempt to fix that. He clears his throat.]

Uhmm. With each other...

I wanna have a party? 

Sergei's Bar and Grille, uhm, where I cook, is--i-is pretty big. So

Everyone's invited. Crew, too! So, uh, don't be a--afraid to stop by or...think we--we don't want you. I-I guess the one rule is play nice a--a-and we'll all try to have a great time. Let's just--this is a chance to--t-to meet new friends and--and let your friends meet your other friends an-and stuff.

There's not a lot of us, but...I-I dunno, sometimes it seems like we--we don't know enough about each other.

There's gonna be plenty of--o-of food, and uh, drinks and just--just everything! Please come! 



OH! Uhm, it--i-it's tonight at--at eight. Get--get the word out? 

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I'm...not quite sure I--I understand what's going on. Would someone mind, uh, mind--muh-mind filling me in?

As for, uh, all the 'new' people I-I've been hearing, uhm, Sergei's Bar and Grille is on the tenth floor and--and if you're hungry, I-I'd love to whip something up for you.


How--How does that sound?

M-m-mon. Mon. Switches swishes swatches. The rains in S-spain. Spain. Sspain--

Herz, I think this is yours, eh?

18.) Audio
Man, what is going ON!

[Surprise, surprise, an adolescent male is broadcasting on Herz's channel. It is, in fact, Herz.]

An hour ago the CEILING was crawling, and I laid down to wait it out--and, you know, I've never been high before but I'm pretty freakin' sure I was up to a few minutes ago. I think I fell asleep, you know, because the next thing I remember is trying to sit up and everything seeming shorter. No, no wait, I mean everything seemed bigger, because I seemed shorter. Then I stood up and YEAH everything is shor--I mean bigger. Bigger, yeah.

I'm shorter for some reason and man, it's weird, you know!?

I'm...heading to the bathroom right now to see what--



I look--I look like--like, thirteen! What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

...What the hell. I meant what the hell. Woooooow thisisweird.

Good Looord, these eyes are CREEPY on a KID! Oh man, I'm creeping myself out here! Thisissoweeeird!

17.) Audio//Locked to Zeke//10% Unhackable
/bites lip
Hey. Zeke, uh. I--I need some--some help in my room, man. Would--w-would you mind helping? Me?

[Herz is a terrible liar.]

16.) Audio//Backdated to after Lily's Post
Way to GO guys! 

Thank you! 

I--I'm so excited.

Dinner's on me.

Ther--there's gonna be a huge cake up at Sergei's and--and a fucking--a fucking feast.

Help if you want--it--it'll be done by dinner time I swear! Until then, I--I'll--I dunno, I set out snacks.

You guys. Seriously. Kick ass.

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15.) Audio//Locked to Zeke 20% hackable

Someone killed Rem.


His head is on the bar. For now...anyways.


I dunno what to do.

[Herz is in shock. He sounds a looot calmer than he really is inside. Have fun.]

14.) Audio



13.) Text, Audio//NOT Backdated





Cut for creepy-factorCollapse )

12.) Open Commentlog
[The small sliver of hope Herz was holding out for this stupid boat was dying--drowning under a glass of...uh...something alcoholic he'd come across in the Casino bar.

He'd listened to every piece of information that woman had given and her conversation with Kage.

Why wouldn't he believe this?

Why wouldn't he believe anything he heard about this ship? He has no basis of comparison--no way of knowing what's fact and fiction here anymore. It's depressing and infuriating.

He didn't know why but...drinking seemed like a nice, self-destructive way of dealing with all of this without, you know, being
too self destructive.

But he didn't want his friends to know. That's why he was drinking up at the Casino bar.]

((ooc: Herz plus liquor equals strong language. Pg-13 to R. Juuust a warning.))

11.) Audio
[Oh my, another post with music in the background.]

Who will believe my verses in time to come

If it were filled with your most high deserts?

Though yet, heaven knows, it is but as a tomb

Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts.

If I could write the beauty of your eyes

And in fresh numbers number all your graces,

The age to come would say, "This poet lies!

Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces!"

So should my papers, yellowed with their age,

Be scorned, like old men of less truth than tongue,

And your true rights be termed a poet's rage

And stretched metre of an antique tongue.

But were some child of yours alive that time,

You should live twice: in it and in my rhyme.

[Yupp, Herz can speak clearly, but only when he's angry and/or reading. Not that he's angry now. He actually sounds very serious.]

The--the words are William Shakespeare's, Sonnet 17.


t-to--to Shilo.

10.) Audio//Backdated to Aug. 2? I think?
[The entry begins and for a minute there's just some ragged breathing. Goddamn, he'll never get used to dying. Never.]

...god, guys, I...

I-I' sorry...

[More silence, possibly the sound of him swallowing down the large lump in his throat, then it ends. He plans on getting his clothes himself.]

((ooc: Herz is missing a t-shirt, boxers, a pair of jeans and white tube socks. He's gonna go find his boots himself, though.))

9.) Audio
/bites lip
I'm feeling much better so, w-well, s-s-so I'm going back to--to Carnival.

I-I'm sorry, Wall. I--I promise I'll be safe. I-I-I r-really do know what I--I'm doing.

Zeke, Shi...I-I don't think you guys should--should come. I-I'm sorry about that, too.

Can--c-can we all hang out when I get back, though? If--if you're not...too mad at me?

8.) Text
wall want to meet somewhere/?

[Backdated to July 20th//Open Comment log!]
[Herz wants to be curled up on his side as tight as he can press into himself but that would hurt so he's stuck here on his back. In the sick bay. The robot that runs the place told him he can go back to his room whenever he feels ready to. That time hasn't come yet.

The robot also said he'd heal with almost no scarring. That' and all, but Herz still knows it happened. There's nothing the good doctor can do to take that scar off him. He's already considered Erol's reaction to the lack of scars. He freaked out at the implications, but just in his head. He's too tired to flail right now, so he does that in the back of his mind while his eyes stare forward at the ceiling. 

He's not looking forward to the nightmares. That's what he thinks about now; about how bad the nightmares are going to suck. And after he's done worrying about the nightmares, he'll return to his ever present debate on whether or not he could actually be considered a man after getting his ass kicked this many times. He'll come back to that question a lot. 

...And then maybe he'll go back to his room.

7.) Audio//Locked to Zeke 20% Unhackable

O--Oh man, Zeke.

Guess what.

Y-you won't be able to but--b-but guess what.


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